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Mos Def Collection by Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN

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The Mos Def Collection By Dustin Canalin for UNDRCRWN

Mos Def (whose real name is Dante Terrell Smith) is definitely a driving force in the entertainment industry. From record deals to television appearances, a talent that does it all. Now, he's taking his first steps into the fashion industry. Long known for his love of urban style, Mos Def recently partnered with UNDRCRWN of Philadelphia for a new collection by the label's creative director, Dustin Canalin. The aim behind the new project is to create a line with solid designs. Furthermore, it can operate independently from Mos Def's celebrity, establishing a name for itself as a stand-alone label. While maybe not as prolific as Kanye West's own Pastelle, this new project from UNDRCRWN and Mos Def has already garnered much attention within the street wear/urban lifestyle industry. Expect this collection to become one of the most coveted this year when it drops on August 26th at the Palms Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas. To learn more, read men's fashion trade paper, DNR's report on it.

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