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PUMA Tommie Smith Clyde

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PUMA - Tommie Smith Clyde

To commemorate his audacious action on the medal stand 40 years ago. PUMA just launched a series of the classic PUMA Clyde in American sprinter Tommie Smith's honor. In what is now one of the most memorable scene in modern Olympic history. Smith, along with fellow American John Carlos, went on to collect their Gold and Bronze medals for the 200 meter race shoeless at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. And as the United States' national anthem played, both raised a fisted arm in black glove and bowed their heads, to signified the racial & social inequalities within the U.S. Their controversial gestures caused their medals and expulsion from the game. However, it attracted attention to the struggle against social injustices and became a pivotal point in American history.

Along with the more exclusive metallic gold leather Tommie Smith Gold Clyde, a collection of Tommie Smith Clyde in suede is also available. Colorways in brown, black, white, and red, with tone-on-tone, vinyl imprints of raised fist, debossed all over these special models. Currently available at selective boutiques with PUMA account around the globe, like UK's hanon shop online retailer.

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