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UNDRCRWN - O-Face T-Shirt

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UNDRCRWN (Under Crown) - O-Face T-Shirt

This week, momentous events are taking place in Denver, Colorado, host city of the Democratic National Convention. Already, last night saw Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois, to become the first African American to be nominated as Presidential candidate for a major political party. Tonight, the Senator will once again make history as he accept the nomination.

To coincide with the occasion, UNDRCRWN (Under-Crown) dropped its O-Face t-shirt early this week at Denver's The 400 boutique. Now, the tee is on sale at UNDRCRWN's online store. O-Face feature a caricature of Obama driving for a dunk. But, if you look closely, another caricature, with "McCain" name tag and white flag of surrender in hand, dodging to get out of the way. Printed in the background is Stars & Stripes O, the marking of the Obama campaign. Available in black or heather gray.

*Note* Avid Obama supporter, Spike Lee, was seen wearing the tee during a television interview.

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More photos and Spike Lee interview video after the jump...

UNDRCRWN (Under Crown) - O-Face T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN (Under Crown) - O-Face T-Shirt