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JAM HOME MADE + ready made x Stussy Harajuku

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Accessories label JAM HOME MADE & ready made attended certain level of notability for its detailed silver and leather designs. Especially its birth stone collection and the hidden placement of semi-precious stone in leathergoods. With the recent re-opening of Stussy's Harajuku flagship, JAM HOME MADE & ready made introduced an unique product exclusive to the Harajuku flagship - an interlink chain made in tempered alloy. Comprised of 5 different sections, each can be easily dislodge from the others. Thus making it adjustable not only in length but usages as well, such as a makeshift bracelet or its intended purpose as chain-link to JAM HOME MADE & ready made' numerous wallet selection.

Stussy - Harajuku Chapter
4-28-2 Jingumae | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: +81-03-3479-6432

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