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Levi's Fenom x Takashi Murakami - Hi + Lo Denim

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Levi's Fenom x Takashi Murakami - Hi + Lo Denim - 0

In the latest honeyee Mag Vol. 6 "New Style", the magazine goes into detail about an upcoming exhibition between Hiroshi Fujiwara and Takashi Murakami, two of the most influential people in the World right now, the exhibition is entitled "Hi and Lo" and will be held at Murakami's KaiKai KiKi Gallery in Tokyo from October 31st through November 15th. The last two Takashi Murakami exhibitions in the US led to various collaboration products being released between Murakami and Louis Vuitton and it looks like this time the collaboration product to be released will be between Murakami and Fujiwara's Levi's Fenom line of Denim. Here is a sneak preview of the "Hi and Lo" Denim that will most likely only be sold at the "Hi and Lo" exhibition. via: Hypebeast