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New York - Tokyo: NYT Game Tag Event

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New York - Tokyo: NYT Game Tag Event

Stressed out about the uncertain global economy? Why not relieve some those penned up emotion with a good old fashion game of tag? In commemoration of the Japanese film, The Chasing World, and its U.S. premiere. Event organizer New York -Tokyo created NYT Game Tag, NYC largest game of tag, scheduled to go on this afternoon at 5 pm. Five people in black outfits will be "It", with all the rest as potential victims. The last one standing will win a Apple iPod and the title of ultimate survivalist. All to take place at Castle Clinton National Monument in Battery Park, just blocks away from Wall Street.

Castle Clinton National Monument
Battery Park | Map
New York, NY 10004

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

Event Date: October 8th (Today!!!) | Starts 5 pm

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