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ZOO YORK x Jenna Jameson

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Zoo York x Jenna Jameson

1993 was an auspicious year for a little skate startup in New York named Zoo York It also marked the film debut of Jenna Marie Massoli, a blue-eye blond from Sin City, Las Vegas. Fast forward to 15 years later, Zoo York is now an institution within the skate community and Jenna Marie Massoli, who adapt the screen name Jenna Jameson, is reigning Queen of Porn. Recently, both co-created a special skate deck in celebration of their 15 years of accomplishment. Feature the illustration of Jenna Jameson by The Collabros, who recently collaborated with Hellz Bellz as well, the Zoo York x Jenna Jameson Skate Deck will be limited to 500 units and available at finer skate shops towards the end of this month. Each will retail for US$ 75

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Zoo York x Jenna Jameson

Zoo York x Jenna Jameson