Super 7 - Halloween 2008 Hood Zombie


Super 7 - Halloween 2008 Hood Zombie

The appeal of Super 7's figures is not for the majority of designer toy collectors. Instead, the San Francisco-based retailer focus on a minority group of collectors within the so-called "Geekdom", the same ones that would sacrifice several paychecks for an airfare to Japan to purchase the latest Kaiju () figures.

For diehard fans like these, Super 7 created the "Snakes of Infinity - Halloween 2008 Set" - a limited collection of 4 Super 7 figures, each colored with Super 7's Halloween color schemes of orange and black. After the launch of the 3 previous figures, the retailer will launch the final character, Hood Zombie, to complete the set. Molded in clear orange vinyl with add-on details in black, yellow, and silver. The 5-inch Hood Zombie comes with removable gloves and hood, to reveal it skeletal construct, a cool gift for anyone who loves Halloween.

The Halloween 2008 Hood Zombie will go on sale today, November 1st, at the Super 7 store and its online shop.

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Release Date: November 1st (Today!!!)

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