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ALIFE x Burton - 09 Custom Snowboard

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ALIFE x Burton - 09 Custom Snowboard

Scheduled to launch sometime next week around Thanksgiving Day, this special 09 Custom snowboard was designed by ALIFE and built by Burton.  The project all started sometimes ago when Tony Ferguson, a former skater who runs ALIFE Vancouver, approached Greg D. of Burton with a collaboration idea.  The board will come in 2 lengths - 158 cm and 162 cm, and feature a Sintered Base without a Carbon I Beam, unlike the regular 09 Custom boards.  The ALIFE x Burton - 09 Custom also include the revolutionary Channel mounting system, Burton's patented mounting system which permits a limitless variation of stances and ease to change them.  Retails for US$ 619, the new collaboration will only be available exclusively at ALIFE and Burton flagship stores.

Launch Date: ~ November 27th (Thanksgiving Day 2009)


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