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Globe x Sekure D - Mace Hi

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Famed sneaker customiser Sekure D have been working on a secret sneaker project with footwear company Globe. Refreshingly simple designs yet it captures the essence of Sekure D's style and one for Sekure D fans.Here are some sneak picsand read furtherbelow to find out morefrom ashort interview with Sekure D. The sneakers will be launched on the 1st of December world wide and drop by their websites for more information.

> Sekure D

> Globe

More images and short interview below...

Would you please give us a little background on who is Sekure D?
Basically I'm just a guy who likes sneakers, art and design. I begun customizing sneakers because there were shoes I wanted to see that would never release so I took it upon myself to make them. The first was a Sin City dunk high that got a lot of feedback from the online community so I just kept on rolling with it, now it's about 4 years down the track and I am pretty happy with what I have achieved but am still striving for more.

How did this collaboration come about?
I was asked to come down and make a presentation for Globe as they were looking at possible artists for a collaboration, I think I took down about 40 pages of stuff as I wanted to make sure I covered most of my bases. After that I made a few more refined presentations and came up with basically what we have now.


Could you explain the concepts and themes behind this design?
The design fits into the "United by Fate' theme for Globe which encompasses the colors Red / Black / White. For those familiar with my work they will recognize the pattern work from some of my previous customs. The idea behind the shoe was to make sure it maintained the custom aesthetic while taking advantage of factory upgrades such as the ice sole with underlying graphics.

Most importantly I wanted to make sure the shoes looked good on foot, and would seem at home in a skate park. Jazz, a big time sneaker collector and footwear designer at Globe assisted me with turning painted details into a digital composition which was a help.

I was also keen to take advantage of the opportunity to custom items often forgotten such as the shoe box and innersoles. The box carries the same splatter pattern as the outer panels of the shoe and has separate draws for each of the shoes. Inside the shoebox is the signature Sekure D "Robot Arm' pattern as well as on the innersoles and it comes with three sets of laces in each feature color.


Apart from the sneakers, are there anything else included with this package?
There is an accompanying Flexfit hat being released which reflects the design elements of the shoes and carries the same colorway.

What's next for Sekure D?
I am focusing on canvas artwork for an exhibition in the first or second quarter next year but we will have to see how that comes along over the next few months. After that the focus for Sekure D will remain custom sneakers however some moves are being made to look into new fields for the New Year.