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[an:other]" - Caps + T shirts


Sydney streetwear store/brand [an:other]" (pronounced Another Inch) have just launched their Starter inspired snap back caps and T shirts. Here is what founder/designer Ritchie had to say about the concept.

We here at [an:other]" love our Starters, over the years the boys have compiled a tidy little collection. We lived Starter in the 90's and continue to wear and collect them. Over the last few years the popularity of them has made them more expensive to acquire, especially the rarer caps, so we just kinda decided to make our own - turquoise has always been a colour that represented [an:other]", and the black / black is just a stealth colourway that doesn't get dirty, party-proof you might say.

These caps and T shirts are available only at [an:other]" store in Sydney, Australia. Check their website for more details.

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