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Orchard Street x Reebok Re-Up Lux

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Orchard Street x Reebok Re-Up Lux

A few months back, during small gathering set up by Epiphany, we bumped in to Greig from Orchard Street rocking a solid pair of Reeboks. Of course we inquired but also promised to keep our lips sealed. As it turns out Orchard Street were tapped to design a capsule collection for Reebok. NY Times just announced one of the pieces from the collection, the Reebox Re-Up Lux. Another is the Orchard Street x Reebok Pump Omni Hex Ride which is also well designed, we have it here but will wait for the official word from Orchard Street. Just as a refresher, Orchard Street is a 'streetwear' label that dates back to 2003.