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ALL GONE 2008 - The Finest of Street Culture Book | By La MJC

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All Gone - The Finest of Street Culture 2008

Every year our friends over at La MJC work diligently on putting together a book that recaps the year in street culture. In 2007, ALL GONE, was well received amongst many of our readers and now in 2008 the book will only be as hard to find as some of the products it features in one of it's 256 pages, as the 2008 version of ALL GONE will be limited to 1000. Each product that is featured in the book comes with it's own individual description card and is photographed by various artists or photographers such as Thomas Lagrange and Sol Sanchez.

Update: The book is limited to 1000 copies, not 100.

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All Gone - The Finest of Street Culture 2008