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Ai Iijima (飯島愛) - 1972 ~ 2008

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Ai Iijima (飯島愛) - Former Porn Actress & TV Personality - 1972 ~ 2008

While New Yorkers have the "New Year's Ball" dropping ceremony at Times Square to usher in the New Year. New Year's Eve traditionally meant watching a marathon of variety shows, broadcast live, on TV for people of Tokyo.  However, there was one notable Japanese celebrity missing from this New Year's Eve entertainment line up.  Ai Iijima (飯島愛), the former pornography star and brief member of blog roll, was sadly found died in her Shibuya apartment on Christmas' Eve.

Debuted in the early 1990s, Iijima rose quickly in the Asian adult entertainment industry and became one of that decade's top AV star.  But her true fame came in recent years, as a resurgence of her popularity amidst mainstream culture when she penned a semi-autobiography,
Platonic Sex.  Published in 2000, the book documented the Iijima early perils as a troubled teen, with rape, abortion, and family tension.  The book went on to become a best-seller, with 1.4 million copied sold.  A television-movie adaptation along with translated prints in Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Italian were made.  Iijima's frankness on subjects that still consider taboo today and dry sense of humor made her a popularity television personality, appearances as variety event host to interviewee on news show.  After a bout with several serious health problems, she declared her retirement from the entertainment industry as a whole in 2006.  Yet, Iijima still found time to appear at charity event to raise AIDS awareness and as a member of's most recent 100 Days Blog Relay earlier this year.  She was 36 years old.

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