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Ray-Ban - Wayfarer Sunglasses Colorize Pack

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Ray-Ban - Customize Wayfarer Sunglasses

The trend of customization has taken a hold within the fashion industry for sometimes now. You could not only design your sneakers, but almost everything else as well. A recent entry to the business of customization is Ray-Ban, the maker of the American classic eyewear Wayfarer. After the success of its Project Colorize collection last year, where the company collaborated with artists such as Ron English and Tara McPherson. Ray-Ban will be launching a full customize pack which you will be the designer of your own Wayfarer. Similar to the adicolor project from adidas Originals, the Ray-Ban Colorize will include a white frame Wayfarer, along with markers and stencils for you to apply your designs. More information about the project to come in the near future. Via:: Josh Spear

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