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Shepard Fairey - Official Obama Inauguration Poster

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Shepard Fairey - Barack Obama Inauguration Poster

In just 10 days, Barack Obama will take the oath in front of Capitol Hill and make history to become the 44th President of United States of America.  To commemorate the special occasion in American history and in his continuing support of the President Elect.  Artist Shepard Fairy took the opportunity to create the Official Inaugural Poster for Barack Obama.  Each limited edition poster measured at 24" x 36", with print numbered from 1-1000 signed by the artist himself. (Available for purchase here)  In addition, Fairey, along with HAZE, Estevan Oriol, Kenji Hirata, Tristan Eaton, and 50+ other artists will host Manifest Hope: DC, an art exhibition that highlights artists' efforts at the grassroots level in changing the political landscape of America.  the exhibition will precede the inauguration, starting on Saturday, January 17th.

> Shepard Fairey - Official Barack Obama Inauguration Poster