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Dave White - Heath Ledger Tribute - "Why So Sad?"

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Dave White In Action

With Heath Ledger winning posthumously the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor last evening, our friend, artist Dave White, just released a special edition of 50 screen prints based on his Heath Ledger tribute portrait of Why So Sad?.   Each print features some 20+ color screens, all on Somerset Tub 410gm Matt Paper with White's signature and individually numbered. The prints were produced in conjunction with Coriander Studio, a premiere printer known for its world class print process and frequently used by the Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and more...

The first 15 prints feature a heavy impasto that is hand finished.  This give the prints White's signature texture found on White's original oil on canvas.  Added to each is also a Joker Card. The remaining 35 will feature slight hand finishing.  More subtle than the former, but still produce unique features on each print.  All are then executed with acrylic brush marks over the final glaze.

Dave White - Heath Ledger Tribute - "Why So Sad?" Numbers 1 15 |  $5,500 each (Sold Out)
Dave White - Heath Ledger Tribute - "Why So Sad?" Numbers 16 50 | $2,500 each

Interested parties please contact for more information.

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