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UNDRCRWN - Obama Inauguration + MLK Tess

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UNDRCRWN - Obama Inauguration + MLK Tess - 0

UNDRCRWN known for it's "World Famous Charicatures since 1995" has come out with two additional t-shirts that are now available at select retailers and the UNDRCRWN Online Store. The first, pictured above, is the Obama Inaugration t-shirt, which is the follow up to a number of Obama t-shirts that UNDRCRWN has created. This t-shirt features Barack Obama sitting on a chair similar to that from Abraham Lincoln's Memorial in Washington D.C. and in a similar pose to that of George "The Ice Man" Gervin's from an original Nike Basketball advertisement, the back of the t-shirt features the Gettysburg Address that was given by Lincoln when he was President which spoke about all men being created equal. The second new t-shirt from UNDRCRWN is of Martin Luther King which features MLK drawn in true UNDRCRWN charicature style, the tee is being released in part to celebrate King's Birthday on January 19th but also to celebrate King's dream becoming true when Barack Obama is inagurated the following day. Pick either style or both up now at the UNDRCRWN Online Store.


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