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For The Homies - Mark Drew T Shirts

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Melbourne based For The Homies got together with special guest artist Mark Drew on two T shirt designs namely Cassette Tape and NWA/With My T shirts.Evidently these designs are influenced by 90's hip hop and cassette tape covers.After the jumpisashort explanation byMark Drew abouthis concept for the designs. Also along with the release of the Ts, there is a mix tape that can be downloaded online here.

> For The Homies

> Mark Drew (Making Ends)

More photos and info after the jump...

"Growing up, album artwork and sleeve note shout-outs were the origin of a lot of my information. Being strictly into Hip Hop, it was difficult to get news on the artists I was into. Rage (late night music channel in Australia) would play the occasional film clip late at night, and Smash Hits would have some small gossip about the Fresh Prince (and many many interviews with Kris Kross), but it was mostlydead ends. Plus I didn't want to hear about kids my age in backwards pants, I wanted to hear about guns, over beats! Living pretty far from the source (and not being able to afford The Source), repeatedly reading the fine print of my cassettes, I pieced together the personal feelings of rappers, noted which god they were down with, which MC's they dissed, learned their mother's names and who's couch they slept on during production. Only getting a new album every few months at the most, there wasn't much else to siphon knowledge from. Each crack and fold on this graphic comes from the bottom of my schoolbag, and is a testament to the tape." Mark Drew

NWA/With MyT shirt front


NWA/With My T shirt back


Cassette Tape T shirt front (white)


Cassette Tape T shirt front (black)