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CNN x Microsoft Photosynth The Moment

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CNN x Microsoft Photosynth  The Moment

As millions of people pour into the Washington Mall this morning to witness a historical event, media outlet giant CNN, in conjunction with Microsoft, will attempt to capture one of the most detailed imagery of Barack Hussein Obama swear in to be the 44th President of United States. By utilizing Photosynth, software developed by Microsoft Live Labs, images are digitalized and reassembled into a 3D rendering. This gives viewer the ability to see the photo through completely different angles.

To capture The Moment, as CNN named the project, those on the Washington Mall are encouraged to take 3 photos during the actual swear in process at Noon today. Then just email the photos to CNN where all the images will be put through Photosynth for rendering process. This isn't the first time CNN has dabbled with new 3D technologies. As you recalled during Election Day last year, CNN implemented the first live televised interview in 3D. For more information on this project, simply visit the link below.

> CNN x Microsoft Photosynth The Moment