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Alyasha for adidas Originals Collection

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Light Jacket $150, Flat Front Chino $125 & Jagwire Shoes $120


In just a couple of weeks, the launch of the highly anticipated collaboration between adidas Originals and three of the world's most unique and creative streetwear and fashion designers - Originals by Originals Spring/Summer '09 collection will be released. Jeremy Scott, Alyasha and Kazuki have each created a mini collection of adidas Originals apparel and footwear products for men and women that will be exclusively available in selected boutiques, fashion doors and Originals stores globally from February 1, 2009. Each product features the Originals by Originals logo and the respective designer logos.

Alyasha's collection consists of heavy cotton and genuine materials featuring vintage details and remarkable graphics. Footwear highlight Jivebomber represents a combination of an Oxford-style silhouette and sneaker outsole. "I hope that my contribution does justice to the Originals by Originals project as a whole. The inspiration came from classic 1940's and 50's styles, with what I hope will be recognized as a somewhat contemporary twist. Easy to wear for the discerning cad."

All three collections, consisting of a total of 68 apparel pieces and 24 footwear styles, will hit selected retail and fashion doors including boutiques from February 1st, 2009. A wider retail introduction including adidas Originals stores will follow shortly afterwards from March 1st. Apparel prices range from 50 to 140 for core pieces and from 150 to 450 for statement styles. Footwear ranges from 120 to 180 for core and from 200 to 250 for statement pieces.

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Golf Jacket $210 & Vintage Wash Tee $45


Super Riders TT Jacket $200


Super Hoodie Zip $145


Leather Jacket $400


Cotton Cuban Shirt $110


Cotton Cuban Shirt $110 & Jive Bomber Shoes $200


Vintage Wash Tee $45 &Flat Front Chino $125


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Jagwire $120


Jagwire $120


Werecat $150


Werecat $150


Jive Bomber $200


Jive Bomber $200