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Kidrobot x Stones Throw 'Quasimoto' Figure

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Kid Robot x Stones Throw

In early 2007 Kid Robot worked with LA based independent record label, Stones Throw on the limited edition 'Mad Villain' figure to represent rapper, MF Doom. This year Kid Robot is working with Stones Throw again to represent yet another rappers alter ego. This time the figure being producer, rapper, DJ, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, and Mad Lib's own 'bad character', 'Quasimoto'. Recently Stones Throw posted a brief story of how Quasimoto came about, and included a couple of pictures for the upcoming toy. Stones Throw promises that the 'Quasimoto' figure will be produced in even more limited numbers than the quick selling 'Mad Villain' toy. The 'Quasimoto' figures are eight inches tall, and will be available in equal quantities in their yellow, or blue versions. Each 'Quasitmoto' figure is holding a brick, and smoking a hand rolled 'cigarette'. The release date of the Kid Robot x Stones Throw 'Quasimoto' figure is February 19. However, in the meantime you can read more information on the history of Lord Quas, and pre-order your figures now only at If you happen to miss out on the pre-sale, the figures will still be available at Kid Robot stores as well as a few select retailers on the day of release.

Kids Robot x Stones Throw