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DC presents Danny Way Signature Apparel

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DC Skateboarding presents Danny Way Signature Apparel

You haven't really made it in professional skateboarding these days until you have your own signature pants. Here we see the latest in apparel from DC from hard core skate veteran and pioneer, Danny Way. Not only does Danny force skateboarding into new horizons, but this spring he will also do the same to DC. For fifteen years DC has focused on signature skateboarding shoes, however this spring they will launch their first signature apparel line with Danny at the helm. The line includes a pair of denim and cord pants specifically catered to Danny's taste in fashion and function. The pants feature lightweight durable materials with a custom wash and also feature reinforced stitching for extra wear and tear. The waist of the pants also feature two belt loop systems; one for the typical belt, and a second for the ever popular 'shoe lace' belt to prevent hard slams on a jagged belt buckle. Visit the DC web site to find out where the Danny's DC signature apparel is available online.

DC Skateboarding presents Danny Way Signature Apparel