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UNDRCRWN x Madame Chocolat - Love + Basketball

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UNDRCRWN x Madame Chocolat - Love + Basketball - 0

With all the collaborations being done up these days by all the different brands within our industry it's quite hard to set yourself apart from the other guy, but we have always believed that our friends over atUNDRCRWNhave not only stood out when they have collaborated whether it's with Eminem, Mos Def, or now Madame Chocolat but they have done so while sticking true to what their brand represents. The newest collaboration for UNDRCRWN is not with another rapper or basketball player but instead Madame Chocolat, which is owned and operated out of Los Angeles, California by Hasty Torres.

This UNDRCRWN x Madame Chocolat collaboration features an UNDRCRWN designed keepsake lacquered heart box that contains custome hand made chocolates by Madame Chocolat. One side of the box features caramel heart shaped chocolates wrapped in an assortment of colors while the other features various chocolate basketballs dusted in Gold and Silver. You can pick up this limited edition box of chocolates now via: UNDRCRWN's new online store.


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