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Hacoa - Wooden Keyboard and USB

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Technological advancements are a human nature and we are experiencing rapid shift towards technology these days. However Japanese brand Hacoa has proved thattechnology can feel more analogue and give us a sense of warmth only nature can provide. Thisis by no means a new brand or are new products, butit is certainly new for most of us who are surrounded by dull plastic electronic appliances in ouroffices, studios or homes.Hacoa have produced a DIY kit to turn your ordinary keyboard into a one of a kind wooden keyboard with lots of character. The whole process of turninga normal keyboard toa wooden one is an experience in itself which isa simple joy of creation.On top of that the keyboard is said to make distinct wooden soundwhen typing for added enjoyment.

Also the wooden USBs are unique and comes in animal shapes or Monaca which ismore the conventional USB shape.There are many other fun products available from Hacoa whichare available for viewing on their website.

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