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M/S Canvas Travel - Curry - Available in August


If there's anything that should be duly celebrated in this complicated time, it should be humble elegance and understated luxury; and in terms of men's accessories, no one does it like Mismo.

The Danish brand debuted its first premium leather collection in 2006, and has since maintained its flair for straightforward yet versatile designs. It is a fairly new, rather small but extremely dedicated and product focused brand. Its philosophy"luxury arises from the choices made- about what to subtract and what should remain" permeates through all pieces.

Mismo eliminates all unnecessary decors and retains only the most functional and essential of its designs. The same goes with the materials they use to relate themnatural materials with minimal chemical processing. Their favorite, of course, is delicately crafted premium leather, as used in the handles and trimmings in the M/S Canvas collection, and artfully pressed Full Grain collection of leather goods ranging from laptop protectors to hold-alls. These items will last you through several seasons in terms of design as well as quality.

Other than Full Grain and M/S Canvas, Mismo also introduces limited editions boasting high quality natural textile and leather with new designs and color combination. Theses pieces will be produced in less than 100 pieces worldwide.

For tough times like now, the timeless style and durability Mismo offers is where the smart investment pieces lie. As for where to find them, they are now available in a few selected stores in Europe like Storm, Colette, Dover Street Market and online at

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M/S Canvas Shopper - Curry - Available in August


M/S Canvas Tote - Curry - Available in August