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Swiss Air - First Class

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Good design and great service knows no boundries and Swiss Air has proved this with their all new First Class seats. They have proven that with a little bit of creative thinking and attention to detail, even an airliner cabin can turn into a quality space of relaxation and comfort. The seat is equiped with a huge 23inch screen to view music programmes, films, TV series and play games. Further more you can also plug in your own devices such as iPods and other storage media via: USB connectors. Satelite telephone and laptop mains supply are also featured on each armchair for people on the go.

When it is time to sleep, the armchair stretches out over 2 metres providing ample room for most people. A special headphones are provided to deaden the flying noise of the aircraft. Last but not least is each passenger will recieve their own pyjamas which can be taken with you after the flight.

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