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Stefan Diez - Papier for Saskia Diez

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Stefan Diez is a Germany-based industrial designer who had been bestowed numerous design awards such as Design Report Award and Material Innovation Award. His work ranges from furniture to interior design and to bicycle bags. One of his latest inventions, Papier, is paper bag made entirely out of Dupont's Tyvek. Tyvek is a synthetic paper made from PE, is extremely tearproof, lightweight, waterproof, and recyclable. This material has been used to manufacture comfortable protective clothing for labs. The best thing about this bag is that it is light as a piece of paper, yet as durable as leather and becomes more handsome with age. Diez created this collection for his wife's jewelry line, Saskia Diez, and the bags are available at the Saskia Diez online shop. Now, paper bag does not necessarily have to mean an ugly brown bag from the supermarket.

> Stefan Diez

> Saskia Diez - online shop

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