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Starks Laces - Solids Pack + Tiffany Laces

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Starks Laces has been quiet as of late in regards to their own laces but they have managed to stay busy on the latest Nike Air Force 1 All-Star 2009 colorway, now the sneaker accessory brand has just released a few new items that are available for purchase via: their select retailers and their online store. One of the new items being featured on their online store is a Solids Pack of laces that feature some previously released laces only changed a little bit, which feature a nice White PVC aglet. The Solids Pack of laces features the Classic Red, Signature Purple, and an alternate Tiffany lace. In addition to the Solid Pack, Starks Laces has released a Tiffany shoelace which uses the Tiffany Diamond Aqua and uses a Black PVC aglet instead of the White one in the Solid Pack.

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