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29+1 Project - Kinnikuman x Caol Uno () (UCS)

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As the celabration continues from last year, Kinnikuman (known as M.U.S.C.L.E. in U.S.), an iconic Japanese pro-wrestling manga & anime that influenced many youths back then who are now in their late 20's & 30's, celebrates its 30th anniversary year . Aside from its manga and anime, collectable eraser molded figurine called "Kin-keshi" was a huge trend back then selling approximate 1.8 billion as must have collectable figurine or else be left out.

Sold in small plastic capsule vending machine called "Gacha-Gacha" or "Gacha-pon", total of 418 characters were released from Bandai and still raising eyebrow to core fans. Caol Uno () himself is one of those individual who pays respect to his hero, Kinnikuman. And now Caol takes part in this celebration, collaborating to release his own special Kin-keshi figurine pack with Kinnikuman. "29 + 1 " project supported by Bandai, Seven Eleven Japan, and the creator of Kinnikuman Takashi Shimada a.k.a. Yudetamago, Caol will be the first to be replicated from a true exsisting fighter as a Kin-keshi.

Kinnikuman x Caol Uno () Kin-keshi pack comes in total of 10 models + 2 secret models in 3 different colorways (red, blue, pink), 2 Kin-keshi sold in each package. Scheduled to be released in June at UCS, Seven Eleven Japan, and selected UCS dealers. Aside from this project, collaboration items from 10AC (NIKE) x Kinnikuman is scheduled.

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