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Introducing The "Balltastic" Leroy Smith | The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan

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In an era where there are few inspirational figures and even fewer "heros", enter Leroy Smith, the man who motivated Michael Jordan. With his "Balltastic" skills and talents, Leroy Smith beat out Michael Jordan for the last spot on the varsity team back in high school. Thus, in Smith's words, "...moment inspired MJ to become the Greatest of All Time" and put Smith on the a motivational way of life.

Visit his newly created website, GetYourBasketballOn, where you will find the "shameless" promotion of Smith's instructional videos (award-deserving) and iPhone App games (fun-mazing). As Smith puts it best, "There is nothing I won't do or sell to make you the you you would become if you could come back from your future and tell yourself what to do." Huh...say what?

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