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Momotaro Jeans - Cycling Denim

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Jeans are not meant for the gym; and neither are they conducive for cycling about town. At least that's what we were prone to believe until we came across Cycling Jeans from Japanese denim maker, Momotaro. Born in Kojima Okayama, Momotaro comes from the most respected tradition of Japanese jean making. The artisans from Okayama had been producing one of the best high quality, hand-woven, hand-dyed denim in the world. All Momotaro jeans are made from 100% Zimbawe cotton, also reputed as the world's best cotton as it is entirely hand-cropped and has a well-proportioned fiber structure.

The Momotaro Cycling Jeans are light and flexible, created from 14oz Japanese selvedge denim. It is woven by shuttle looms and is extra durable as the back features double layers. Keeping the safety of cyclers in mind, Momotaro has also added two reflective stripes to the back pockets, embodying both safety and comfort into one single pair of pants. For those tired of stretchy spandex or twill shorts and want something new, the Momotaro Cycling Jeans are now available at Tenue de Nimes.

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