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Feiyue - Neon and Birds

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Vintage sneaker brand, Feiyue, was born in Shanghai in the 1920s and was donned by people across different classes. Almost 90 years later, Feiyue explores the dichotomy of modernity and tradition in China and within itself with a new communications campaign, Neon and Birds. The brand just unveiled the second part of this communications project shot by Chinese photographer, Tan Xue. The narrative and physical action of photo shoot takes place in the international hub, Hong Kong, where futuristic design co-exist in the same landscape as ancient and traditional sensibility. The narrative is of the relationship of a modern day Chinese girl with her ancestral spirit, both moving through the cityscape of Hong Kong, transitioning between the present and the past. The title, Neon and Birds, come from two ever-present motifs in Chinese culture presently- birds and neon lights, each representing heritage and modernity respectively. The resulting photo shoot is dark and contemplative, juxtaposed with a lightness of being of a girl who explores the city as she wishes. While this season is focused on Asia, Feiyue will move to Paris for the next season, the city where the brand was reborn. Check out the entire campaign online at Feiyue.

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