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The Beatles: Rockband Opening Cinematic

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We are pretty certain we are not the only ones anticipating the new Rockband game-- The Beatles : Rockband. To prep for the game, which is confirmed for release on September 9th of this year, British comic book artist and designer, Jamie Hewlett, has animated a dazzling opening cinematic animation for The Beatles: Rockband.

Hewlett, best known as the co-creators of Gorillaz, whose band members are all animated characters; Aside from Gorillaz, Hewlett is also the co-creator of comic strip, Tank Girl. The opening cinematic features impressive life-like details and a great mix of both 3D and 2D illustrations. The animation documents The Beatles running through cities from concert to concert, dodging fans, and later, through imaginary landscapes with motifs from the band's songs. A great Beatles soundtrack accompanies the vibrant animation - a must-see for Beatles fans and animation lovers.

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