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Beryll - Asphalt Boots

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You don't need military experience to appreciate a pair of great army boots. Especially not when it is from Los Angeles based brand, Beryll. Beryll was founded with a philosophy of celebrating simplicity and uniqueness. The company started out producing hand-made, limited edition sunglasses, and has now expanded into jewlery, bags and shoes. Beryll's Asphalt Boots are some what of a connumdrum and a hybrid-- it treads the grey area between bespoke and off the rack; vintage and new. Though unworn, these boots are each hand-crafted from vintage 70s leather, thus making them one of a kind, yet also available for purchase off the racks. The Asphalt boots are made from distressed vintage leather and features two small belt buckles around the top of the boots for a customized fit. The brown boots are accented with a red tongue and brown-red laces. The shoes come packaged in a large olive draw string canvas bag that looks like a military surplus bag. Beryll Asphalt shoes can be found at the brand's online store, Beryll.

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