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Gallery1950 x MEDICOM TOY - 14th Anniversary BE@RBRICK

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Gallery1950 x MEDICOM - 14th Anniversary BE@RBRICK - 01

While on the subject of Gallery1950's new collection, which launches today at selected retailers worldwide, Gallery1950 will also release a special set of 100% & 400% BE@RBRICK at its Ebisu flagship store today as well.  Produced in conjunction with MEDICOM TOY CO., the special BE@BRICK set, like the popular ones launched last year, marks the anniversary of Gallery1950, the 14th to be exact.  During a brief visit to the Gallery1950 headquarter, Shuzo Kita, the director of the label explained the origin of this year's design.  The numerous labels and logos from Resonate to ELT, which covered the majority of the figure's exterior, were at one time or another Gallery1950 collaborators or labels Gallery1950 carries.  It was also Kita-san's way to show Gallery1950's support during the current economic hardship since many labels did not exist 10 years ago.

As for the colorway of orange, blue, and black on the 400%, they are a reflection of Kita-san's personal interest in the sport of mixed martial arts.  The color orange is already prominent as Gallery1950's logo.  So Kita-san decided to create a BE@RBRICK out of the likeness of Kazushi Sakuraba (桜庭和志), one of the most decorated mixed martial artists, who coincidentally wore orange t-shirts during pre-fight sparring.  A distinctive silhouette of Sakuraba appears on the BE@RBRICK in the forms of orange t-shirt, blue fight gloves, and black shorts.  There is also a all-black 100% BE@RBRICK and a third, secret "blind-box" design.

Both 100% & 400% of Gallery1950 14th anniversary BE@RBRICK and limited edition t-shirts marking the occasion are all available today at Gallery1950's Ebisu flagship.

2-28-7 Ebisu | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: 03-3473-1950

Release Date: June 6th (Today!)

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Gallery1950 x MEDICOM - 14th Anniversary BE@RBRICK - 02

Gallery1950 - 14th Anniversary T-Shirt White

Gallery1950 - 14th Anniversary T-Shirt Black