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John Varvatos - Rock Volume 1

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Why are we not surprised with the new Rock Volume 1 from John Varvatos? It seems only fitting that rock-and-roll-loving Varvatos would come out with a rock-inspired fragrance sooner or later, seeing how Varvatos has been deeply involved in the music scene especially with his recent project, Free The Noise. This limited edition Rock Volume 1 is a limited edition fragrance which features an intricate blend of rose, sage, coffee, and behold- leather. Rock Volume 1 delivers a sensual yet adrenaline pumped vibe. Just like great bands have great covers, Rock Volume 1 has an edgy packaging that physically embodies its rocking contents. The dark tinted bottle is topped of with smooth grey metal cap and outer, with John Varvatos logo and rock motifs carved into the casing. The fragrance is now rocking out and available at John Varvatos, but not for long!

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