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Apple iPhone 3G S

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This morning marks the start of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and though Steve Jobs didn't make an appearance, the Keynote address by Phil Schiller was not one to disappoint.  With a slew of announcements, from the new OS X Snow Leopard, improved MacBook & MacBook Pro, to Safari 4 Internet Browser.  However, most of the audiences, along with Apple fans were waiting for one announcement only, the new iPhone.

Dubbed the iPhone 3G S, Apple stated it to be the fastest iPhone thus far.  It also resolve issues that many early adopters complained about, such as battery life, camera resolution, and more...

Some of the new iPhone 3G S features include:

  • Faster performance - Up to 2X faster, making the iPhone 3G S the fastest iPhone ever

  • Longer battery life - A big gripe from iPhone owners was the poor battery life.  The new iPhone 3G S has about a third longer battery life.

  • New 3-Megapixel camera - Built-in autofocus and ease of control, simply "tap" the subject on the touch screen to focus in

  • Video enable - New camera also allows VGA video capability in portrait and landscape.  Ease of sharing among friends and family too.

  • Advance voice control - Recognize contact information and even song information during the iPod function

  • Digital compass with GPS navigation - More accurate than before with map automatically coordinate to the direction you're facing.

  • Better cut, copy, and paste - Quick copy or cut words, photos, and even videos

  • Internet tethering - A function many asked for is finally here.  You could share the 3G Internet connection on the iPhone with either a Mac or PC notebook*

Available in Black or White, the iPhone 3G S retails for US$ 199 for 16GB model and US$ 299 for 32GB.  Due to release on June 19th but you could pre-order yours now on Apple's web store.  As for the rest of the world, an estimated 80 countries will have the iPhone 3G S by August.

Release Date: June 19th (Friday)

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