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Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.) X ASICS - Summer 09 Preview

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For this summer and coming fall, New York City based Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.) has partnered up again with their long-time collaborator, ASICS, for a series of sneakers. Here's a preview at two of the models that will be available later on this year. The shoes continue to feature a blend of suede and perforated mesh upper with signature ASICS stripes. One of the models feature white stripes lined with moss green heel patch, while the other features maroon and navy stripes. A small Rivington Club tag is sewn onto the back of the sneakers and the soles are imprinted with words, "a Gel". These sneakers will be availble in ARC Sports Store in New York City and online at Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.) later on this year.

ARC Sports Store New York City
157 Rivington St | Map
New York, NY 10002

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