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Land Rover - "Fire and Ice" Defenders

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Since 1948, Land Rover's signature Defender has been providing much needed support and utility for adventurous souls. While many off-roading vehicles such as Mercedes' G-Wagon and Hummer H2 had upgraded with luxury materials and accessories, Land Rover remained loyal to its simplicity until now.

The new "Fire and Ice" edition of Land Rover Defenders cater to Defender fans who have grown up and are looking for something finer and upscale. These new Land Rovers are packed with Recaro buckets, Alcantara Trim, diamond turned alloys, color-coded head and tail lights, glass sunroof panels and more. Like its name, the Fire Edition comes in a special Vesuvius Orange while the Ice Edition comes in Alaskan White. Sadly for Land Rover Defender fanatics, the "Fire and Ice" Defender" only come in a limited quantity of 850 and will only be available in Europe, China and South Africa.

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