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Nike Hypermax NFW - Marty McFly Preview

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A number of sneaker blogs have already previewed this Nike Hypermax NFW (No Flywire) "Back to the Future - Marty McFly" Basketball sneaker. The Nike Hypermax is the newest Nike Basketball sneaker from Nike Basketball that is slated for a general release this Fall season. The sneaker features both Nike Flywire and Air Max technology. This "Marty McFly" pair however does not feature Flywire, hence the "NFW" in the name of the shoe. While Flywire may be absent from the shoe, this colorway is always one of the favorite's amongst sneakerheads since Nike has never been kind enough to release the actual Marty McFly shoe's that were seen in the movie, Back to the Future. More pictures of the Hypermax NFW "Marty McFly" to come. via: Kix-Files