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Andrew Harper X Dunhill - Traveller Collection

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If you are a backpacking fiend, Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report is probably not the go to resource for you. However, as a luxury business traveller, Harper offers one of the industry's most trusted voice in offering reviews of unique hideaways and hotels by travelling anonymously and funding his own expeditions. To cater to his unique niche of readers who can afford to shell out $500 for a hefty initiation fee to the monthly newsletter, Harper has collaborated with Dunhill to create a collection of luxury travel bags and suitcases. The Traveller Collection is targeted at the maverick travel connoisseur, combining functionality and classical style to meet needs in any continent.

Traveller Collection comprises of four different items, a holdall, document case, rucksack and a Dunhill Andrew Harper Limited Edition Membership. The tan leather Traveller Holdall is lined with soft, taupe, microfibre suede and has different storage compartments for almost any men's accessory one can think of. Made from water resistant grain leather is the Traveller Double Document Holdall which also comes with separate compartments for laptop, document case, pens and blackberry. The rucksack differs from the other two items as it is made out of an oatmeal canvas mixed in with leather components. The more interesting thing in this collaboration is the limited edition membership as it includes a uber travel guidebook that compiles 900 different travel destinations in Traveller leather tote with a Dunhill pen other than the usual membership privileges.

Like the Hideaway Report, the Traveller collection is a little pricey, but fans of Andrew Harper and Dunhill can be assured that they will be getting what they paid for.

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