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Takashi Murakami X Louis Vuitton - Superflat First Love Anime

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Six years ago, a little Japanese girl named Aya was swallowed up by a giant multicolored panda, Geant, and teleported into Louis Vuitton's Multicolore Monogram world. Six years later in 2009, Takashi Murakami had come up with a sequel, Superflat First Love, for the first animation, Superflat Monogram, with Louis Vuitton to celebrate the launch of small leather goods in Monogram Multicolore.

In this animation filled with Murakami's signature splashes of adorable animated characters and generous splashes of energetic pop colors, little Aya is all grown up and now a 14 year-old middle school girl. Aya passes by Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando once again, and chances upon Petit Panda, Panda Geant's child. This time, she is transported back in time to 1897 and meets the 14 year-old Parisian boy, Gaston Louis Vuitton at the Louis Vuitton workshop. Whether this love at first sight turns into something more, you would have to watch the video to find out.

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