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BLAND - Special Tee With Print and Neo Swim Trunks

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BLAND seems to be a rather clandestine brand, as their presence is mysteriously shrouded even online. However, we do love the dark yet gorgeous undertones to their designs. The brand's style is caught right between minimal and glitter goth. The Special Tee With Print has a structurally volumed cropped shape to it, and we can't take our eyes off the layered prints of obscure yet thought-provoking mix of motifs. Opening Ceremony styled the tee with the brand's Neo Swim Trunks, which we thought was ingeniously paired together, as the bow tie which wraps around the swimming trunk in the back accents the tee nicely. The swimming trunks can be worn as shorts, and is a refreshing change from all the denim shorts popping up on girls around town. Both pieces just arrived at Opening Ceremony, so check them out while they are still around.

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