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H&M x Jimmy Choo

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As one of the brands that really pushed the concept of collaboration into the limelight, H&M, had been bringing shoppers coveted designs at affordable prices for a number of years now. However, so far all the collaborations had been more apparel centric than anything else, as the focus had been placed on clothes. This fall, H&M will be shaking things up a little with a new and first-ever footwear designer collaboration with British designer, Jimmy Choo, for a touch of glamor. Though the collection will be based on the brand's strong suits in footwear and accessories, there will be a women's clothing line, mainly sexy party pieces for night-outs, to complement the shoes from this collaboration. Also, if you are thinking, this Jimmy Choo collaboration is only for women, we have exciting news. The collaboration also extends to menswear, and the design house will be drawing up a collection of shoes, bags and accessories for men. This collection will be available in stores across the globe to dress men and women's feet in accessible prices starting Nov 14.

Release Date: November 14th (Saturday)

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Margareta van den Bosch (H&M) & Tamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo)

Margareta van den Bosch (H&M) & Tamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo)