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KZO - Camera Bag

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Based in Los Angeles in the Arts District, only less than half an hour away from the infamous Hollywood, it seems oddly befitting yet refreshing that a fashion label would pride and build itself upon the concept of "Cinematic Fashion". Each season, the KZO collections are based on a specific location, plot, soundtrack and palette, just like a movie. It also seems natural for a brand so passionate about cinematic to come up with the perfect Camera Bag for photographers everywhere. This slick and cool looking black backpack is designed with photography in mind down to the tiniest detail. Lens and camera can be held in place in a designated body space within the bag with a Velcro strip; it is padded to protect the most fragile and expensive of equipment, has a zip top which expands to hold memory cards, film and light meter. Think this is all? Hold your breathe- it also comes with a side zip specially dedicated to holding 17" laptops, so you can upload your pictures anywhere you go. Of course, the backpack would come waterproof, so you won't have to sweat about your beloved regardless of rain, shine, storm or snow.The KZO backpack is now available at Blackbird.


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