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MEDICOM TOY x Loopwheeler - 10th Anniversary Knit BE@RBRICK Preview

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MEDICOM TOY CO x Loopwheeler - Knit BE@RBRICK

In his most recent blog entry, our friend Satoshi Suzuki-san of Loopwheeler, meditated about our endless fascination, from childhood to adult, with bears, be it a real life one, a Teddy Bear, or BE@RBRICK.  In the meantime, Suzuki-san also gives us a glimpse of his latest project Loopwheeler BE@RBRICK for Loopwheeler's year-long, 10th anniversary celebration.  Though the size cannot be determine aside from the fact that the figure is composed from the famous Loopwheeler jersey fabric.  In addition, a reminder that the long awaited MEDICOM TOY CO. EXHIBITION '09 will take place starting tomorrow, June 20th, at PARCO Department Store Shibuya Flagship. A must see if you're in the Tokyo area.

Loopwheeler Tokyo
3-51-3 Sendagaya | Map
Yamana Bldg. B1F
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo Japan

Loopwheeler Fukuoka
2-18-12 Yakuin | Map
Zaitsu Bldg. 1F
Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka Japan

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