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OAK - Everything Is A.OK Launch Party

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We were perfectly ecstatic with the freshly launched affordable line, A.OK, from OAK, but the store is one-upping us on our happiness with a launch party for the line tomorrow, Jun 23. The new line of goodies for men and women are price pointed at under $100 and features basics in signature OAK aesthetics- black and white with interesting silhouettes and shapes, with occasional splashes of trendy colors. Even though we are content with OAK's new door opened to shopping, there is nothing like a launch party to celebrate the birth of a great new line. So, for the launch party aptly named, Everything Is A.OK, LED ER EST will be performing at midnight and DJ CA$$IDY, Lauren Flex and Dave P will be spinning hip tunes. There will also be open bar from 9pm-11pm to go with the joyous occasion. The greatest part of all? No cover, no list and no RSVP. Just great music, booze, clothes and company. Everything is A.OK indeed.

Everything Is A.OK Launch Party
Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St | Map
New York, NY 10013

Event Date: June 23rd | 9pm- 2am