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Alden X Context - Tanker Boot

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After collaborating with J. Crew, New England's coveted and refined shoe maker, Alden, had continued on to work with retailer, Context, to produce an exclusive Tanker Boot. This pair of mid-top black leather boot is crafted after a WWI and WWII US military issued boot. The boot adopts the painstaking Mock and Norwegian skin stitch which are only done by hand using two needles and two threads. As the process of skin stitch is extremely time consuming, Alden craftsmen can produce no more than six pairs of Tanker Boots per day. The boot upper is made of Novo calf skin which is known for its high moisture content to provide durability and comfort. On the inside, the shoe is lined with vegetable tanned glove leather and the shoes also feature the 360 degree Goodyear Welt for durability and water resistance. The boots are given the right amount of shine for a sleek appearance and it will conform to fit the shape of the wearer's feet over time. These boots are fantastic for both dressing up and dressing down, and will outlast the true test of time. Who said perfection is impossible?

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