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Stussy x Ren + Stimpy - Limited T-Shirt Collection

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Created by John Kricfalusi and the animation studio Spumco, The Ren & Stimpy Show was as outlandish as any animated series could be, if not more. The plot centered around the lives of Ren, a psychotic Chihuahua, and his sidekick, Stimpy, a not so bright obese cat with flatulence problem. The cartoon is essentially a buddy story, though the outrageous occurrences in its plot made it anything but.

Some 18 years later, after its first (and controversial) appearance on Nickelodeon, apparel label Stussy just created a special t-shirt featuring the nonsensical pair along with Stussy's Double-S marking. Comes in either white or black colorways, the Stussy x Ren & Stimpy T-Shirt is now available at all branches of Stussy Japan, its online store, and its ZOZO Online Chapter. An international release will be on a later date.

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